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NC-ACTS! Program

NC-ACTS! stands for North Carolina-Activating Citizenship Through Service! The program is designed to engage individual students in direct service to the community while connecting them to a larger state service network. We are excited to offer 10 additional slots to undergraduate students this year! In connection with our K-12 Education Initiative we would like to target students who are interested in volunteering at local public schools to offer tutoring and other enrichment programs. For more information, please contact Velvet Bryant ().

 2009-2010 NC-ACTS! Fellows

  • Jackie Agboke
  • Lydia Bennett
  • Jacob Blackwell
  • Olivia Boyce
  • Elizabeth Chappell
  • Hannah Creel
  • Hunter Gray
  • William Henderson
  • Tiffany Jordan
  • Alex Knopes
  • Valerie Lansdale
  • Whitney Lewis
  • James Lowrey
  • J’Taime Lyons
  • Amanda Nichols
  • Lisa Northrop
  • Louisa Oates
  • Chelsea Overstreet
  • Kara Pederson
  • Tasha Rebec
  • Kathryn Rohrer
  • Stephanie Tigue
  • Alex Warr
  • Beth Ann Williams
  • Lana Williams


Forms and Documents:

2010-2011 NC-ACTS! Fellows

  • Anna Donze
  • Rachel Fishman
  • Shomik Gibson
  • Bentrice Jusu
  • Ashley Kazouh
  • Tiffany Tyler
  • Victoria White
  • Ashleigh Wilson
  • De’Noia Woods

Forms and Documents: