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Wake Forest student Amy Bachman volunteers at the Special Childrens School in Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest student Amy Bachman volunteers at the Special Children's School in Winston-Salem.

If you’re interested in taking your academics a step further, you’re in the right place. Your involvement in the community greatly benefits Winston-Salem and Forsyth County while making your academic experience at Wake Forest more well-rounded and meaningful. For example, see how, as an education major, you can apply the theories you are learning in a classroom. Find an opportunity to examine the mental health conditions you have learned of as a psychology major. There are even opportunities available for majors such as economics, foreign language and the sciences.

The Institute for Public Engagement can help you find the appropriate opportunity based on your interests, year and field of study. Get started below to gain a greater understanding of the needs of our community while enriching your academics with hands-on, real-world engagement in your field of study.

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