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Advisory Boards

The Institute for Public Engagement values the insights and advice of stakeholders both within and beyond the Wake Forest Campus.  To assure that the IPE’s work reflects the goals of reciprocal benefit, and the shared vision of community impact, the IPE operates with two advisory boards: the Community Advisory Board and the Faculty Advisory Board. The Advisory Boards were formed in 2010 and will meet regularly beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year.

The Community Advisory Board:

The Community Advisory Board is a network of experts and leaders who have agreed to provide the IPE with meaningful help on programs, community assessment, policy and implementation.  Members have been selected based on their expertise in policy, the philanthropic sector, community development, economic development and education.  The Community Advisory Board meets quarterly to advise IPE staff and leadership in strategy, design and implementation of programs and initiatives.

The Faculty Advisory Board:

The IPE serves as an academic center to promote public engagement, in all of its forms, across the Wake Forest University campus.  The Faculty Advisory Board is comprised of Wake Forest faculty who have agreed to review the IPE’s programs and initiatives and  to ensure that academic goals are integrated into the pursuit of public engagement.  This board also reviews proposals under the IPE’s funding programs.  Members have been selected based on their interest and commitment to public engagement and with the goal of engaging faculty from across departments and schools.  The Faculty Advisory Board meets regularly during the academic year to receive reports from IPE leadership and to provide advice on IPE programs and initiatives.


  • Anne Boyle, English
  • Jill Crainshaw, Divinity
  • Danny Kim-Shapiro, Physics
  • Leah McCoy, Education
  • Ananda Mitra, Communication
  • Mary Scanlon, ZSR Library