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Funding Public Engagement

How to fund your public engagement project – Faculty Resources 2014-2015

The Institute for Public Engagement will continue to support faculty public engagement and community based research efforts during the 2013-2014 academic year.  As you plan for next year’s courses, keep in mind the funding resources that are available through the Institute for Public Engagement:

Public Engagement Mini-grants: The Institute for Public Engagements supports public engagement efforts through a small grant program that can be used to offset costs associated with service learning and public engagement projects.  Grants may be awarded up to $700 for any individual project that reflects the following criteria:

  1. Integrates academic community based learning into the teaching of a course and/or research;
  2. Addresses a community defined need or delivers a needed service to our community; and
  3. Engages students and faculty in substantive ways within the implementation of the project.

Proposals are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year beginning August 1, 2014Click  2014-15 IPE-Mini-Grant-Form to apply!

 Community Fellows:  Funds are available through the Community Fellows program within the IPE to support efforts to integrate the voice of practitioners and community leaders into course work.  Community Fellows are individuals who are invited by faculty to participate in a course as an integral part of the course instruction.  The faculty member sets the level of participation and the invited individual may speak to a class, teach some portion of the class or serve as a resource in other ways.  The Community Fellows program may be used to support extra costs to the course, such as travel or similar costs.  Grants are capped at $3,000.

Proposals for Community Fellows may be submitted for the Fall 2014 semester until September 30, 2014 and should include the course description, information about the Community Fellow and the support requested.  Proposals for the Spring 2014 semester may be submitted until February 27, 2014 Click 2014-15 Community-Fellows-Form to apply!


Center for Community Solutions (CCS):   The CCS provides support for faculty interested in collaborating with local organizations and community members in designing and implementing research studies focusing on targeted areas of concern embraced by the local community.  Each year, a group (6-8) of CCS Fellows will be trained in the basic components of community-based participatory research including assistance in finding community partners, funding mechanisms, and evaluation tools to carry out research projects.

CCS Fellows will receive a $1,250 stipend intended to defray costs associated with building community alliances, attending community meetings, identifying additional funding sources as well as attending four (4) training sessions.  Community Partner-WFU CCS Faculty Fellow teams will work together in developing research projects with the primary goal of providing RESULTS that are directly USEFUL to COMMUNITIES.

Applications for the CCS Faculty Fellows program for the 2014-15 academic year will be accepted through November 1, 2014. 


Faculty Panel Fund:  Public engagement is emerging as a distinct area of academic and scholarly work.   Proposals that highlight academic components to public engagement or service learning are sought, with support available for travel and related costs as appropriate.  Requests for up to $2,000 may be submitted through this fund.

The IPE will ask that paper presentations be submitted to the IPE for inclusion on the IPE website.  Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning August 1, 2014.  Click 2014-15-Faculty-Panel-Form to apply!