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The Institute for Public Engagement facilitates meaningful interactions between Wake Forest faculty and students and our community partners to address needs that have been identified by the community. The vision and strength of service-learning and community-based research is best realized when students, faculty and community partners work collaboratively towards a common good. The Institute for Public Engagement values reciprocal relationships with its community partners and works to establish innovative collaborations with local and regional organizations. Whether your organization is small, medium or large in size we, invite you to review our resources listed below.

We value your feedback!
If you  are interested in becoming a service site for a service learning course, academic or co-curricular internship,  strategic initiative, or have a research project for our faculty or students we invite you to read more about our programs and resources. You can follow up with us by sending an email to or completing the feedback form.

Community partners fulfill a key role in the success of our efforts and we thank you for your partnership.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Workshops

Community Advisory Board

Summer Nonprofit Immersion Program

Service Learning Resources for Community Partners