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CBPR Goals and Objectives

In addition to increasing the body of knowledge available to us, CBPR also aims to involve community members in the research process, improving a community’s own capacity to engage in research, and facilitating social change (Nyden, 2003). Inspired by the Community Based Research Initiative between Princeton University and Georgetown University, we intend to guide researchers through various ways to think about when doing CBR, as well as ensure the university’s institutional commitment and capacity to meet the following seven goals of this initiative.

Goal 1:  Assess the state of our Community Based Participatory Research efforts on campus as an individual program and within the context of the entire university (National Community-Based Research Networking Initiative).

Goal 2:  Assess needs that have been identified by our community.

Goal 3:  Develop and implement an infrastructure that promotes and strengthens community-based research efforts of Wake Forest faculty.

Goal 4:  Develop, maintain, strengthen campus-community partnerships that are conducive for community based research projects and strategically facilitate positive social change.

Goal 5:  Prepare and equip Wake Forest faculty to successfully engage in community based participatory research projects through faculty development workshops, networks, symposiums.

Goal 6:  Promote the value and impact of public engagement and scholarship.

Goal 7:  Apply research findings to practical programmatic and policy change that address and eradicate the root cause of social ills in the defined community.