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Great News from Dr. Hana Brown ACE Fellow 2011-12

Hana E. Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology has exciting news about students in her fall Sociology 360: Social Inequality class.  Instead of having her students jump right into service learning this term, Dr. Brown decided to have them do group projects which involved researching a particular aspect of social inequality in Winston Salem, reaching out to local organizations working on the issue, and using sociological research to propose a potential project that Wake Forest students could initiate to help out.

They  recently completed their final presentations for the course.  “My students did a wonderful job on all sorts of topics (gay rights, immigration, sports, secondary education, adoption, etc).  But the most exciting result from the project is that the group studying health inequality actually formed a partnership with the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity (MACHE) through their research.  MACHE is working on health access issues with local adults, and my students are joining forces with them to add a child health education component to the new MACHE program.  They are starting to research grant opportunities to ensure the project has adequate funding and gets off on the right foot, and they have masterfully used the sociological research on health inequalities to identify likely barriers to implementation and possible solutions.”

Congratulates Dr. Brown for availing your students of these engaged learning opportunities and to your students for achieving a sustainable outcome!


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